Event Registration Software: Get More Event Guests

Create an event registration process that converts contacts via e-mails, landingpages and targeted communication.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Use

Event Registration Software

  1. Reason #1: Get More Registrations

    Event registration tools are designed to reach high conversion rates. This means that you'll convert a higher percentage of users that come across your landingpage into guests. Additionally, most tools give you access to features that'll help you drive more registrations, for example e-mail marketing campaigns.

  2. Reason #2: Registrations Automatically Turn Into Organized Guestlists

    Event registration tools like Sweap can convert registrations into structured lists with automatic tagging. That way, you’ll be able to analyse your event marketing quickly and send targeted communication to your guest segments.

  3. Reason #3: Make data-driven event marketing decisions

    With an event registration solution, you’ll be able to analyze which pages convert and which won’t. Also see if certain guest segments convert better than others and which guests actually check-in to the event.

  4. Reason #4: Build registration flows without code

    Event Registration software can be your one-stop shop for putting on event registration pages. With simple and intuitive tools, you can build your page without writing code. Leverage the power of a simple and intuitive drag-and-drop builder!

  5. Reason #5: Save tons of time in your event marketing processes

    Tools like Sweap makes event registration simple. You can create a new registration page in minutes or give your colleagues the ability to create and manage their own registration page. By connecting event registration to guestlists and email communication, it’s easy to create event workflows.

What Sweap's Event Registration
Software Looks Like

Get Rid of Manual Low-Value Tasks

Create beautiful registration pages. Quickly.

Tired of spending weeks to set up your event marketing assets? With Sweap you can just choose from a variety of templates and quickly set up communication and guest management processes around your event registration.

Connect Sweap to Your Tech Stack

All the event marketing integrations you need.

Connect all your existing marketing & CRM tools to Sweap to instantly transfer data from your event registration to the rest of your tech stack.

Guestlist Software Integrations

Get Better Insights About Your Registrations

Event registration data. Visualized.

Never fly blind with Sweap! Sweap gives you access to a detailed dashboard that allows you to track event registration data for different campaigns and guest segments.

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Stunning Registration Pages

Better design. Better results.

Sweap has a library of beautiful registration page templates for every occasion. Our pages are designed and tested for high conversion rates.

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Why Pick Sweap As Your
Event Registration Software?

Most event registration and event marketing tools are limited for 2 reasons:

  • Reason #1

    Their features are limited to the marketing of the event and not connected to guest lists.

  • Reason #2

    They don’t offer a lot of features for post-event engagement.

Sweap fixes both of these problems. Sweap’s features are deeply connected with each other, which makes it easy to automate event processes.

At the heart of this connection is the industry-leading guestlist management, which acts as the central hub for registration and communication campaigns.

In addition, Sweap not only covers pre-event, but also post-event engagement. Most of the value of business events is created after the event.

Therefore it’s important that participants are being properly followed up on. Sweap enables this through on-demand content hubs, post-event analytics and post-event communication features.

How Sweap's Event Registration
Software Works

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Thanks to Sweap, our event management processes are much more effective.

Jan Pörksen
Managing Director, IHK Berlin

Ready to get started?

Why is Event Registration Software important?

Event registration software is crucial to maximize the results of your event.

Almost every event needs a registration process, but there are a couple of pitfalls that can happen:

  • registration pages are poorly designed, which leads to less sign-ups

  • Your registration process is not integrated with other event tasks like communication and guestlist management

  • You don’t get data about your registrations and can’t analyze the effectiveness of your registration campaigns

  • You spend too much time with the event registration software process

To summarize: No event registration software leads to worse results, wasted time and decisions that are not optimized.

How can I choose the right Event Registration Software?

Here are some criteria that you can use to choose the right event registration tool:

  • What does your existing event registration software look like? What do you want this process to look like in the future?

  • Which features are required for your new event registration process?

  • Do you want to host your events online, in person, or both?

  • How many registrations do you expect per year?

  • Do tools have strong data security standards, e.g. to comply with GDPR?

How does Event Registration Software work?

Event registration solutions start with a customizable form. In this form, you can ask for every information you need, e.g. name, e-mail, preferences, or any qualifying questions.

This form is then embedded in a webpage that should support the form submission with information, social proof, or videos.

Once the form is submitted, the data is automatically transferred into a guest list, where it can be used to communicate via e-mail.

What are the benefits of Event Registration Software?

Here’s are the key benefits of event registration software:

  • Create well-designed registration pages that convert visitors into sign-ups

  • Save time during your event registration process by automating tasks

  • Analyze your event registration through data and analytics dashboards

What are disadvantages of an Event Registration Software?

Almost all registration software are solutions designed for event professionals. This means that it isn’t worth it to use them for private or one-time events. For the investment to fully pay off, you should have an existing event program that hosts multiple events per year.

How much does Event Registration Software cost?

It depends on the model of the event registration tool.

Sweap's pricing starts at 99 Euros. The benefit of Sweap’s pricing: It scales with your registrations, so you are guaranteed to get what you pay for.

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