Event Management Software: More Impact, Less Busywork

Automate low-value work that take your attention away from your event's impact.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Use

Event Management Software

  • Reason #1
    Promote Your Event Better

    Event management software is designed to help you promote your events more effectively and efficiently. With Sweap's software, you can easily manage your event promotions and ensure that your events are successful.

  • Reason #2
    Save Time On Low-Value Tasks

    Create templates for each event format. Automate e-mail campaigns and guest lists. All these feature will quickly add up to save you a lot of time.

  • Reason #3
    Engage Your Attendees

    Your attendees should stay engaged before, during and after your event. Your software helps you to do this through intelligent & targeted communication plans.

  • Reason #4
    Improve Guestlist Management

    Guestlists take up a lot of time and are error-prone. With the right tool, you ensure that your guest data stays up to date and orderly automatically.

  • Reason #5
    Host Your Event On-Site, Hybrid or Online

    With event management solutions, you can not only check-in hundreds of attendees in-person through an app, but you can also host your events on a virtual venue.

What Sweap's Event Management
Software Looks Like

Forget Manual Spreadsheets

Flexible, powerful and yet simple.

Everything you need to know about your guests in one location - always up to date and simple to use. Use guest categories, traits, and tags to categorize your audience.

Pair Sweap with your existing tools

Seamless integrations.

Get access to an ever-growing range of integrations that you may use with the Sweap event platform.

Guestlist Software Integrations

Derive Actionable Insights from your Guest Data

Audience Data Visualised.

Have all data from any type and format of event available at any time and from any location. Get meaningful insights for data-driven choices with the event dashboard.

Guestlist event software reporting and analytics tools

Beautiful E-Mails & Registration Pages

Together. Coordinated. Successful.

Choose from a set of beautiful templates to make your event communication stand out. All of your assets can be adjusted to your company brand. Our pages & e-mails are designed for high conversion rates.

Guestlist Emails and registration pages

Why Pick Sweap As Your
Event Management Software?

Sweap automates time-consuming tasks for event professionals.

The platform makes processes like email marketing, guest management and event registration more efficient. Sweap works for hybrid, in-person and virtual events. It also provides you with detailed reports that help improve your event program.

But don't just take our word for it

  • Working with Sweap gives us time to focus on the impact of the event.

    Benedict Heller
    Marketing Manager at Rolls Royce

  • Sweap not only saves us time and resources, the app also gives us flexibility.

    Viktoria Gieseking
    Head of Marketing at YPOG

How Sweap's Event Management
Software Works

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event management software virtual event platform
Insights analytics event management software

Thanks to Sweap, our event management processes are much more effective.

Jan Pörksen
Managing Director, IHK Berlin

Ready to get started?

Why is Event Management Software important?

Without it, your event runs the risk of being poorly organized.

It will be harder to keep an overview of your event status. Check-Ins will take longer, which will result in long queues. In comparison, event management tools provide you with a check-in app that lead to fast check-in.

Also, manual data entries are error-prone. With an automated guest list, you always have an organized overview of your attendees.

Another important feature of event solutions are reports that help you make data-driven decisions. By analyzing your event performance, your events get better with each iteration.

How can I choose the right event management software?

The following criteria help you choose the right event management tool:

  • Where do you want to host your event?

  • How many events do you plan on running?

  • How many attendees do you expect?

  • Which features do you need?

  • Which data security standards must be met?

How does Event Management Software work?

Event Management Software have a suite of tools & features that help you organize, promote and host your events.

What are the benefits of Event Management Software?

Event tools can save you time and help you keep an overview of your event's status. They help to communicate with attendees and keep their data organized. That way, your attendees will have a better experience and you are able to improve your event program constantly.

What are disadvantages of an Event Management Software?

An event management solution is an investment that requires money and time to get used to the software. If you run events infrequently and they are not important for you, it might not be worth it to get started.

How much does Event Management Software cost?

It depends on the model of the event management tool.

Sweap's pricing starts at 99 Euros and scales with the amount of users and registrations.

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