Corona forces event organisers to find creative solutions to carry out their events. Especially for established events it can be a challenge to change the event format from live to virtual. This requires the experience and knowledge of event technology companies, to guarantee a smooth transition to the digital world. Here you can find out how Sweap supported a trade and information fair in the education sector with a smart solution, together with our partner Isardigital.

Sweap: the connection between guest and event

The organisers of an educational trade fair had to face a challenge: Changing their event format to digital due to the pandemic. For the realisation of the event, a software for digital fairs, vystem, by Isardigital was chosen. This software offers the possibility to give lectures and to have 1:1 conversations with participants. The guest registration and guest management was operated with Sweap.

"The cooperation with Sweap was very effective and goal-oriented. We created an interface from Sweap's guest management to our event platform to authenticate and authorise guests. We see the interaction of guest management and the digital event platform as a strong asset for organisers."

Fabian Jaskotka, Founder vystem

The technical implementation

Sweap is particularly easy to connect to other systems via an interface. In this case, the guest data collected via the Sweap registration form on the event website is seamlessly transferred to the vystem CMS. You can find out exactly how this worked here:

1. Guest registration via Sweap registration form

On the event website the guest has the possibility to register for the event. All data is collected in the Sweap App and can be managed here.

An ID (Identification Number) is assigned to each guest. All data can be subsequently assigned to this guest using this ID.

After the registration has been completed successfully, each guest receives a confirmation e-mail with a button. This button is a link with a placeholder. This link can be stored in the e-mail settings for the virtual event in your Sweap App.

If the link is created here, a helpful iCalendar file is automatically created, with which the guest can enter the appointment in his calendar.

Important: iCalendar will only be included if this has been selected in the e-mail in advance.

As soon as the guest has clicked on the button, the placeholder is filled with his/her respective guest ID. The link then looks like this (we use a dysfunctional example link here):

This is used to transfer all guest data into vystem.

4. Guest data arrives in vystem

After a short API check, the guest data is transferred error-free to vystem and the user does not need to enter any further data.


Sweap is not only an independently functioning guest management tool, but can also be linked smoothly and without great technical effort via interfaces with other products, e.g. platforms for virtual events. We will be happy to support you in this.

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