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Webinar Software
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5 Reasons Why You Should Use
Webinar Software

  1. Reason #1: Capture leads and register guests with ease

    Webinar tools like Sweap allow you to capture leads with custom branding and landingpages. Running webinars with Zoom alone limits your branding and customization possibilities, webinar software offers white-label solutions to solve this problem.

  2. Reason #2: Track performance and analyze your audience

    The key to a successful webinar program are analytics. How many leads did attend my webinar? Which of these were qualified and can be handed over to sales? Which campaign drove the most success? All these questions can be answered with a webinar software.

  3. Reason #3: Run webinars with hundreds or even thousands of attendees

    With Zoom & Sweap, you can run webinars that support a near unlimited amount of guests while still providing high audio and video quality.

  4. Reason #4: Engage with guests before, during and after the event

    Pre-Event, during the event & post-event: These three stages are crucial for the success of your webinar. You need to nail your pre-event campaigns so that leads sign up for your event. The webinar itself should be a great experience to lift your brand perception. Finally, post-event campaigns are the best way to convert leads into opportunities through follow-ups and on-demand content. Your webinar software covers all of these stages.

  5. Reason #5: Increase the value of your webinar through integrations

    Webinar tools offer a wide variety of integrations that lead to a better webinar experience. That way, you can e.g. integrate with Sli.do for better Q&A experiences or integrate with Miro to work on interactive whiteboards with your participants.

What Sweap's
Webinar Software Looks Like

Automate your webinar program

Create webinars that stand out. Quickly.

Webinars are a great way to generate qualified leads – but they can also cost you a lot of time. With Sweap, you can decrease the busywork through automation of email and registration campaigns.

Host webinars that connect to your tech stack

Integrate your webinars with CRMs & other tools.

In order to properly follow up on your leads, you need to connect your webinar software to your CRM. With Sweap, this is no problem, easily connect it to dozens of other tools that you already use.

Guestlist Software Integrations

Make your webinar program data-driven

Analyze the success of your webinars.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Sweap offers a big suite of analytics tools that guarantee that you always have an overview of how your webinar campaigns are going, which emails convert best, and what you can improve for bigger webinar success in the future.

Guestlist event software reporting and analytics tools

Stunning Registration Pages

Create webinar pages that convert.

Many webinar vendors offer registration pages & emails with limited customization possibilities and low conversion rates. This changes with Sweap, which offers assets that are designed for high conversion rates and customizable branding.

registration pages design software tool solution

Why Pick Sweap As Your

Webinar Software?

Successful Webinars require complex workarounds.

Zoom is a great tool to run your smaller events, but you’re losing countless hours on low-value work. You have to create an event ecosystem before you get an engaging pre-and post-event management strategy running.

With Sweap, you can expand Zoom to a powerful event Management engine.

Sweap is the professional extension for all your Zoom events. It keeps you from building time-consuming workarounds so you can do what you do best: Create value for participants.

How Sweap's Webinar Software Works

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event management software virtual event platform
webinar software insights data analytics reporting dashboard

Thanks to Sweap, our event management processes are much more effective.

Jan Pörksen
Managing Director, IHK Berlin

Ready to get started?

Why is Webinar Software important?

Webinar software ensures that your event runs smoothly and increases the results that you get from it.


If you don’t use webinar software, you run the risk of creating sub-optimal webinar experiences, not getting enough registrations for your webinar or missing out on properly following up with webinar leads.

How can I choose the right Webinar Software?

The easiest way to choose the right webinar software is to make a checklist of all the criteria that you require.

Questions you should ask yourself:

  • How many webinars do I want to run per year?

  • What’s the goal of my webinar program (lead generation, brand recall, customer marketing etc.)?

  • What tools do need to be integrated with my webinar software (e.g. CRMs)?

  • Which data do I need to properly analyze the success of my webinar program?

  • Do I need to comply with data security guidelines like GDPR?

How does Webinar Software work?

There are two types of webinar software:

1)    Webinar software where you host the event itself

2)    Webinar software that facilitates the webinar through event management features

Companies like Zoom or Webex belong in the first category, while Sweap belongs in the second.

Sweap works by integrating tools like Zoom natively in their app. This allows you to design registration pages and emails that are completely customized to fit your branding. These assets contain the link to your Zoom webinar, where the webinar itself is hosted. Every registration is tracked and automatically organized in Sweap’s guestlist management.

What are the benefits of Webinar Software?

Here’s are key benefits for webinar software:

  • Ability to host 100s or event 1000s of participants while retaining full control as the host

  • Increase the amount of participants through lead generation and registration features like email or registration pages

  • Analyze the performance of your webinars through reports, statistics and graphs.

What are disadvantages of a Webinar Software?

If you are just looking to test out if webinars would work for your business, a platform to host your webinar is fine, but a webinar management software like Sweap is too early for you. Webinar management tools only pay off once you are ready to invest in your webinar program and have the resources to continuously improve it.

How much does Webinar Software cost?

Our recommendation for hosting webinars is Zoom, which starts at 74 Euros per month.

Sweap's pricing starts at 99 Euros and scales with the amount of users and webinar registrations you get per year.

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