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The top 5: Virtual gift ideas

How small gifts can inspire your visitors in times of crisis.

Even COVID-19 cannot stop events. The event industry is rethinking, digitalizing and developing. With the digitalization of events, however, the other "must-haves" should also adapt, such as gifts for visitors at your virtual event.

If you are also looking for digital gift ideas, this article is just the thing for you. We have researched and listed our top 5 virtual give-aways here, which you can send to your partners, sponsors, participants, speakers, as well as all other guests, as a small or large thank you for participation.

Dankeskarte auf kleinem Tisch mit Cappuccino

Personalized thank you card

We start “the classic”: a good old thank you card. First of all we want to say that no matter what kind of gift you choose for your visitors, choose it according to your needs. A "thank you" never goes out of fashion! Often there is no need for any elaborate and expensive gifts, but simply a sincere appreciation for the support by your participants, sponsors, etc.

The personalization of these is especially important. If it becomes clear you’re your virtual card is not the standardized version, your goal of a personal thank you has been achieved digitally! If you have never created a virtual card before, we recommend tools like Paperless Post, Canva und Smilebox.

Our tip: a card can always be combined well with something else, so take a look at our following ideas.

Geschenkkarte von Adidas schwarz weiß

5. Vouchers

Let`s start our list with gift vouchers. A voucher is probably the most versatile gift on our list. You should not only think of the “classic” vouchers from Amazon, Adidas or Apple, as you can also find vouchers for the whole team. So why not try e.g. delivery services such as Lieferando, Hellofresh or a local restaurant? With a voucher for something material, you make new purchases possible. Alternatively, restaurant vouchers can be used for dinners or team meals. Depending on your needs, vouchers can be adapted to meet any kind of requirements. At the time of COVID-19 you can also use them to support local restaurants and thus contribute something good, for example at helfen.berlin.

4. Streaming subscription

A streaming subscription is more versatile than it may sound at first. Streaming providers include not only Netflix, Amazon-Video and co., but also Curiosity-Stream, Audible, BookBeat and many more. You can provide the presentee with a limited number of months and make them happy with an audio book or film. Many of your guests will surely have family, so you can make several faces shine, for example with Disney+. However, if a video stream provider is not an option for you, audio books or documentaries with informative content that fits your event theme might be the better choice.

3. Personalised star message

If you are not familiar with Cameo yet, now is the time! Cameo offers a special kind of "thank you": With a personalized video shout-out by various celebrities you can express your thanks to your visitors in a very special way. Depending on your budget, different celebrities can be found to personally convey their thanks to your guests or partners via video. So if you have found someone suitable, go get it!


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Frau über die Schulter beim Klavierspieler fotografiert

2. Virtual private lessons

Haven't we all wanted to learn something at some point and simply didn't have the time to do so? This is over now! The Take Lessons platform allows everyone to learn different skills through customized online lessons. This could be a language, an instrument or learning a new skill. Through the personalized adaptation of the recipients, everyone can learn the way they want from the comfort of their own home. This way, you give well-invested time and leave a long-lasting impression with your visitors.

E-Boo Reader auf einem roten Buch mit einer Brille und Kaffeetasse daneben

1. ebooks

We saved the best for last. E-books have made it to the top of our ranking. Giving away an eBook may sound a little strange at first, but it works so well! Since events shine, above all, with their individuality, a book that addresses the occasion or the theme of the event is particularly suitable as a give-away. Almost all books can be found digitally nowadays.

So why not give away virtual paper at a virtual event? E-books can be read anytime and anywhere, what makes an eBook suitable for any event.


In summary, it is not the gift itself that matters, but the recipient you are hoping to impress. Always think about what fits to this special thank you and to your visitors and their work. If you give your gift a personal touch, it will always be well received.

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Article by Mia Vassiliou-Gioles
Working student at Sweap in marketing, specialising in social media. Currently studying sustainable management at the TU Berlin.