The Freeride World Tour is the worldwide circuit of freeride snowboarding and skiing, with the best riders in the world competing on the most legendary and challenging alpine faces at the most renowned ski resorts across the world.

As one of the leading associations for winter sport, the FWT had to offer a flawless event communication and check-in experience to their attendees, while keeping manual and time-intensive tasks to a minimum. This is why they chose Sweap.

We use Sweap to streamline all our event communication and avoid losing track of information.

Charlotte Curtet
Account Management Coordinator

The Challenge

The FWT offers their attendees an exciting hospitality and event experience on the peaks of the best global winter sport destinations. These consist of various small and big events including VIP dinners and more.

The challenge for the team was to keep track of registrations for the various events, send out streamlined communication to the attendees and ensure the best possible experience. In the past, guest lists were handled manually in Excel and emails were sent one-by-one – a tedious capacity killer.

Furthermore, in the past it was difficult to keep track of the various guest categories that come with an event like this (Attendees – Partners – VIPs). The events had various zones and the guests were only able to access the private areas with a specific category. Also, coordinating the event between various event planners had proven to be complicated before using Sweap.

The Solution

© Freeride World Tour, Ceas

The FWT trusted the Sweap Event Efficiency Platform to help them plan and organize their most important event of the season. The event was set up in Sweap, communication was created, modified, and approved through the email builder and sent out through the campaign manager – fully automated.

Guest signed up through Sweap registration pages (take a look at our new Website Builder) and multiple websites were used, depending on the guest category. Post-event communication was handled with Sweap email templates.

Furthermore, thanks to the multi-user setup of the software, the whole team was able to plan and execute the event in the same place.

The Results

© Freeride World Tour, Daher

  • The FWT resulted in a significant amount of sign-ups and decreased the no-show rate in comparison to the previous years

  • Communication was streamlined, fast, and coordinated. Thanks to the approved templates, emails had the same look & feel for every email client.

  • The team was able to follow up on the FWT event in a timely, automated, and professional manner, resulting in happy and informed event participants.

  • As so much time was saved on repetitive, tedious tasks, the organizers were able to focus on the quality of the event.

  • Communicating through modern event software, FWTs communication was more appealing to the younger audience and extreme sports enthusiasts, which lead to a higher conversion rate.

  • The team was able to manage various guest categories in a straightforward, automized, and personalized way.

We use Sweap to streamline all our event communication and avoid losing track of information. The innovative campaign feature saved us time and work doing this. We got great feedback on the look and feel of the emails and registration sites. We really appreciate the Customer Support Service and will use Swap for future events.”

Charlotte Curtet,
Account Management Coordinator at Freeride World Tour

Article by Mia Vassiliou-Gioles
Working student at Sweap in marketing, specialising in social media. Currently studying sustainable management at the TU Berlin.