IHK24 Interface

As "Industrie- und Handelskammer" and Industry, in addition to our own event publishing solution, we offer you another option to publish your events on your Chamber's website.

Together with IHK-GfI, we have been working on a solution to also publish events on the IHK24 event overview. For this purpose, IHK24 has opened its interface for third-party providers. This can be used not only by us, but additionally by various other software providers.

The use of the IHK24 interface is a paid add-on. Please contact your Customer Success Manager or our support if you are interested in the interface.

The IHK24 interface and its use

The purpose of the development and connection is to offer an open platform for all tools used and to minimize maintenance efforts.

Thus, all events will be findable via the IHK main search.

Presentation on the overview page

In the first step, the events from the different sources are displayed separately in the search. Here, for example, an area for events (from Sweap) and an area for seminars / courses (from another tool) can be defined. Both areas are then listed in the search.

For the future, the IHK-GfI is planning a further development in the form of a combined search. This further development will then display event data in a combined search area.

For information on this advancement, please contact IHK-GfI directly.

Advantages of the IHK24 interface

The IHK24 interface offers advantages to the IHKs:

  • Connect up to 2 systems (e.g. Sweap and another system) into one overview

  • Your events can be found via the main search of the IHK


Contact your personal Customer Success Manager.