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Fanomena Events

Fanomena Events is like a traditional goodie bag, just digital. That means Fanomena's digital goodie bag solution enables Partners and Sponsors to easily share personalized content with your audience.


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  • Plan interactions with your audience in advance

  • Evaluate reactions and feedback in real time

  • Receive detailed reports on the interactions of your event.

  • Host secure events with a GDPR compliant solution

Integration Requirements

You'll only need access to a Fanomena Events Account and the Sweap Virtual Event Platform.

Data Transferring

Sweap does not directly pass on any personal data. They are only transmitted when the user deliberately calls up the integration. This usually includes a unique ID, surname, first name and possibly an e-mail address.

Use Cases

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  • Meetups: Highlight and retain your meetup sponsors by implementing digital goodie bags with Fanomena.

  • Virtual Events: Virtual events usually have more limited ways to highlight sponsors than onsite events. This changes with Fanomena Events.

  • Onsite Events: Highlight sponsors with paperless event communication and increase the visibility of your sponsors.