Contentflow perfects your live stream. You provide the equipment, knowledge and the team. With Contentflow you only need to take care of the content and they take care of the technical part. The cameras are set up in advance and the right angle is chosen. The stream itself can then be easily integrated into Sweap's Virtual Event Platform.

Contentflow Benefits

The Contentflow dashboard

  • Analytics: See statistics to find out how many users watched your live stream and where they came from

  • Completely secure: Contentflow works with public broadcasters that demand the highest security standards.

  • Graphic overlays: Adjust your content and insert your graphics for branding purposes.

Integration Requirements

Contentflow Account and the Sweap Virtual Event Platform.

Data Transferring

Sweap does not directly pass on any personal data. They are only transmitted when the user deliberately calls up the integration. This usually includes a unique ID, surname, first name and possibly an e-mail address.

Use Cases

  • Livestreaming

  • Hybrid events

  • Virtual events

  • Conferences