Sweap and IBM: A Collaborative Journey

At Sweap, we are driven by our passion for technology and our dedication to revolutionizing event management. We are committed to transforming events into the most valuable marketing channels ever. Our partnership with IBM has been instrumental in helping us achieve our goals.

The Power of Technology

The power of technology is at the core of our beliefs. We are excited to witness how our software is utilized by clients in innovative ways that we couldn't have envisioned before. The ability to see the possibilities unfold and witness our clients' success is truly fulfilling, and IBM has been a key part of this success story. We started using IBM Cloud Code Engine, a fully managed serverless platform that allows developers to build and deploy containerized applications quickly and easily. Through the scalability and serverless infrastructure provided by IBM Cloud Code Engine, we can confidently handle the challenge of managing thousands of events and delivering mass emails.

I love witnessing people using our software, observing how they use it and how they come up with new ideas, which we actually didn't envision before. This is so fulfilling. And with IBM Cloud Code Engine, we seamlessly overcome the challenge of scaling event management and delivering mass emails with confidence.

Sven Frauen, CIO Sweap

IBM Sponsor Users

For the design team at IBM, the experience of working with sponsor users like Sweap is invaluable. Sponsor users are actively shaping the future at IBM. For example, we influence the offering and the roadmap. In addition, we also gain early insights in preparations for a release, have the opportunity to review prototypes and much more in a deeper working relationship with IBM. While they work with value statements and user needs extensively, there is a profound difference in observing users interact with the product directly. The real-world application of our solutions helps IBM build user journeys that align with the clients' actual use cases. This collaborative approach ensures that the solutions we create together are not only theoretically valuable but also have the potential to be practically impactful.

Our clients are going serverless to manage their infrastructure more efficiently, so it’s important that we see how our product is helping to minimize operations. The collaboration with Sweap allows us to better understand their use cases and needs, and also gives us insight into other serverless computing opportunities.

Yuval Fein, Design IBM Cloud

Our partnership extends beyond workshops and meetings. It represents a continuous exchange of ideas, where Sweap can directly seek guidance from IBM experts on specific challenges. This open line of communication allows us to ask questions, share feedback, and discuss areas of improvement. By being heard and valued, we can offer ideas feedback for IBM’s serverless roadmap.

Collaboration as Recipe for Success

In our collaborative efforts  between IBM and Sweap, the importance of face-to-face interactions cannot be overstated. For example, we conduct design thinking workshops and roadmap sessions. This results in feedback sessions and usability testing from the customer side. It allows IBM to delve deep into the details of how Their clients use IBM Cloud Code Engine, uncovering insights that might have been lost in other settings. These in-person conversations facilitate organic discussions that reveal additional aspects and open doors to new opportunities.

As a design team, it’s important for us to hear directly from the end users of our serverless technology. We are committed to supporting clients with their performance, resiliency, compliance, and security goals, and these in-person meetings provide a forum to ensure that we are achieving this mission. 

Thomas Ortelt, Design Leader of IBM Cloud Code Engine

Final Words

At Sweap, we are proud of our collaboration with IBM, as it empowers us to push the boundaries of event management. Our partnership has enabled us to leverage the scalability of IBM Cloud, ensuring that our software meets the demands of handling thousands of events seamlessly. Working closely with IBM's design team has provided us with valuable insights and enhanced our ability to create tailored solutions for our clients.

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