What's New(s) at Sweap - January-April

In our January-April update, we would like to show you some of the newest functions and features of Sweap.

Crystal clear & clean new navigation

Our event efficiency platform is getting more and more advanced and with that our product team needed to make sure that the overall events dashboard in menu doesn’t get cluttered and overcomplicated with the new features added.  
That’s why our UX team worked hard on a new navigation menu concept that simplified and improved the overall user experience.  

What’s new? 

Events & Contacts 

The most important elements you need are now quickly accessible in the left-hand side menu – your Events and your Contacts.  

 An overview of your events is quickly accessible on the left side of your screen. When you find yourself in your Events overview space you can easily change the view of your screen – whether you’d like to see your events as a list or for more detailed view you can select the “Cards” option. For better planning you can also view all your events in a calendar mode.  

 Additionally, you can filter, and sort events based on your customized tags you’ve set up in advance and based on type of event – hybrid, virtual or on-site. On top of the page, you can also see an overview of your active and past events and archive events you don’t want to see in your overview page.  

 Within the Contacts space, we’ve expanded the top navigation menu giving you direct access to managing the contact information of your attendees faster. In the top menu bar, you can quickly edit contact fields, tags and lists, create, import or export contacts. To make sure that your efforts and events are always compliant with personal data regulations, we’ve added a menu iteam “Opt-in Bounces” where you can easily see who the opt-in status of each of your contacts and quickly ask for their consent if they haven’t given you consent. There you can also see their bounce status and the reason for bouncing your emails – such as recipient or system failures.  

Account Settings, Help & Contact 

From any screen within your Sweap platform you can now access and change your account settings, adding new users or managing your billing and plan. You can find all settings in the bottom left corner within your Sweap account. From there you can also chat with one of our Customer Support team members or find a relevant and useful article from our Help Center.  

Slick design and easy on the eyes – Sweap rolls out dark mode 

Our team is excited to announce that we’ve just rolled out dark mode. Our event efficiency platform has now officially joined the dark mode craze. The dark theme of Sweap comes in a deep dark grey background and all other elements on screen are in our signature colors Sweap Blue and Sweap Ocean Green.  

Having a dark mode is very helpful for users who work late in the evenings or have any visual impairment such as strained eyes, light sensitivity or any other accessibility disorder.  

You can activate dark mode when you navigate to your User Profile and select your preferred theme – Light, Dark or based on your local date and time system settings 

That's how it looks on the website.

Quick summary of new features to try out!  

Individual EMail Language 
Users can now set a specific language for their email communication, that differs from the default system language for their event. This will individualise elements such as the date format or the “Add to my calendar” button. With the automated translation tool users can translate email messages and event landing pages into any of the 23 languages supported by our DeepL integration.  


Mailing & Communication 
We’ve significantly improved the ease of use of our event management platform by allowing users to assign specific email communication campaigns to selected, multiple event registration pages. This allows you to have various registration pages for different target groups for one event. You now can also set up registration confirmation emails or a ticket to a specific virtual event platform. 


Guest & Companion Management  
You can now set a limit to the number of people who can join a guest during an event. When you set up a field with contact information for a person accompanying an attendee, you can now decide on what should be the limit of guests accompanying another. 

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