What's New(s) at Sweap - December

In our December update, we would like to show you some of the newest functions and features of Sweap.

We’re are getting rid of formalities

This change only affects users that use our app in German.

A small but significant product update is coming - we are changing all our in-app default settings from a formal to a more conversational one. Within our app, you will now find that all our product language will be in an informal “you” form. The change impacts only our German-speaking clients who use our software in German. They will now notice that the formal “Sie” courtesy salutation everywhere in the platform has been changed to an informal “Du” greeting.

New gender-inclusive and non-binary default salutation rules within our Sweap Event Platform

We’re happy to announce an upcoming product update, which will affect all our event platform users communicating with their guests. We’re super proud to adapt and foster a more inclusive and non-binary language within our software.

Starting from Monday onwards, we are changing all the default salutation rules within our event management platform. That means that every new email message that a user creates in our Sweap platform will start with a gender-neutral greeting - “Dear [title] [firstname] [lastname]”. Of course, our users will be able to set up their own default salutation and change the default one that appears when creating new emails for example to: “Dear [First Name]“, “Hi there”, “Hello” or “Greetings”.

Find out more about Salutations.

Log4j - No impact on Sweap clients

Good news first: Sweap does not make use of Log4j and therefore is not affected by the recently discovered vulnerability.

As you may have already heard, there has been a major and high-profile software bug called Log4Shell discovered in Log4j. Log4j is a logging library developed by the Apache Software Foundation and used by a range of services. The recently uncovered security vulnerability of the script basically exposes any device that used it for developing a software application at severe security risk. Therefore, we’d like to reassure our users and customers that the Log4j library script has NEVER been used in our platform and will not be used in the future. That means that there is no impact on Sweap’s software and services from the Log4Shell vulnerability.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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