What's New(s) at Sweap - September & October

In our September & October update we show you some of the newest functions and features of Sweap.

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Our CTO Matthias will show you the feature highlights of the last two months:

The new integrations and updates of Sweap

Here's a quick overview for you to always be up to date about all the Sweap innovations.

We’ve integrated with reaction link!

The most interactive way to engage event participants. The app provides an user-friendly experience in collecting anonymous feedback during online events. Easy to add to your virtual event. There is no registration or login required by the users. The app allows you to add emoji reactions, polls, receive questions from your audience and visualize their feedback in a word cloud.

How to activate the tool within Sweap’s Virtual Event Platform?

You need to first register as a user of reaction.link to use their features within Sweap’s virtual event platform. When you log into your reaction.link account, you can quickly create a new session with the details of your upcoming event and the app will generate a sharable link that you should connect with Sweap’s virtual event platform. Navigate to “reaction.link” and paste the invitation URL in the empty field. You can also give a specific name of your reaction.link session e.g. Your feedback, Reactions, Engagement, etc.

Internal event tags

Organise your events better with internal tags!

We’ve introduced an internal tagging system to better coordinate and structure your events. With more and more upcoming events in your pipeline, it can become quite challenging if not a bit messy to navigate through all of them. You can now use our internal tag system to apply a variety of tags depending on the type and category of events you want to structure and organize internally. By providing you with an internal tagging system, you will be able to group different events and then filter them by the tags you created without the need to search through an endless list.

How to use event tags internally?

You can create new event tags to structure your events internally by going to your account settings and choose “Event tags” on the left-hand side menu. There you can create as many tags as you need, which you can later assign for each event. Just remember to tick the “internal” field so that your tags are visible to you and your team only. When you go to the settings of your event you can give it an internal tag from the tag options you’ve created for your account – this can be “Launches, EMEA, APAC” or any other differentiator you may need to segment your events by. The tags function is not yet enabled for all users. So if you can't find the feature in your account settings, please contact our support to unlock it for you and your team.

A guide to create tags

Step 1: Create an event tag
Step 2: Choose the tags for your event
Step 3: Filter your events by your created tags

New iOs update

Mobile App bug fixes with the new iOS update

We’ve just released a new update of our iOS app. The new update includes important app performance updates including bug fixes of the automated check-in process as well as solving troubleshooting issues when printing via WLAN and Bluetooth on site.

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