What's New(s) at Sweap - May & June

In our May & June update, we show you some of the newest functions and features of Sweap.

Expert tips

Our CTO Matthias will show you the feature highlights of the last two months:

  • You can now limit a value (e.g. registrations for a workshop) to a desired limit.

  • You can combine Zoom Sessions from unlimited Zoom accounts in the Virtual Event Platform

  • Saysom has been integrated into the Virtual Event Platform as a DSGVO-friendly alternative to wonder.me

The innovations

In case you missed it, here's a quick overview for you to stay on top of all the Sweap innovations.

SaySom integration

SaySom offers you completely new possibilities for your digital events. The seamless integration of the networking areas makes your online event even more authentic. Your participants can move freely and easily get together to network in groups. This makes it easy to exchange ideas and make new contacts afterwards, just like at live events. The special thing about it is that you can also use functions like a megaphone or even set up group games and private groups.

Custom Limit per Attribute Value option

This advanced feature gives you the ability to set custom limits for each value option. This means, for example, that you can set a workshop with 30 seats at 13:00 and 45 seats at 14:00 selectable.

You can find the detailed instructions in our support article.

This is how it looks like. You can select the value by double-clicking on it, which opens a new pop-up window with the limit.

Disable pre/post event for some guest categories

With this new feature, you can now disable the pre/post event functionality for some guests. This means that they can see the entire VEP event when the pre/post event mode is turned on, so you can test or show the entire experience internally or with your customers. Under Expert Settings, you can also individually set a text to be displayed instead.

Integrate zoom sessions from different accounts

Setting up multiple parallel Zoom sessions is also now easier to manage with Sweap. Once you connect your Zoom account to the Virtual Event Platform, you can easily add URLs from different Zoom accounts to set up sessions.

You can find all the instructions in our support article.

Zoom Webinar

As a Sweap user of the Virtual Event Platform, you can now easily use Zoom Webinars in addition to Zoom Meetings. The procedure is the same as for Zoom Sessions.

Better performance when sending e-mail

Until now, the sending status of e-mails was limited to "Sending" and "Delivered". But now there will be an intermediate step, "Sent" to give you a better overview of the current status of your emails.

This means:

  • Sending: Transferred to the queue for sending

  • NEW: Sent: Sending triggered

  • Delivered: Email accepted by receiving server

You can find the complete instructions in our support article.

This is how the email status looks now in the latest version.

You are now up to date ✔

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