Invite Your Guest!

By Letter or by Mail?

Now you have learnt what a perfect invitation for your event looks like. The next question is whether you should send it by mail or by post? Looking at a few factors about your event will help you find out what makes sense in your specific case.

  • 1. Who are you and what kind of event are you hosting?

    What suits you and your event better? For example, if sustainability is one of your most important corporate values, you should obviously choose the paperless version. For an official reception, which should already give a high-quality impression in the invitation, a high-quality paper invitation is the best choice.

    Großer runder Konferenzsaal mit Tischen und Stühlen
  • 2. Wer ist Ihre Zielgruppe und welche Kontaktmöglichkeiten haben Sie?

    Do your guests feel safe in the digital world? Then send an e-mail, preferably with the option of adding the event directly to the Google or Outlook calendar. The advantage: the response rate is high and the deadline will not be forgotten. And shortly before the event, you can send a reminder without much effort.

    Your target group lies beyond “generation Y” and is generally more analog? Then, despite the higher effort, a letter might be the way to go.

    Sometimes the decision is also based on the contact information you have available: For an international congress it is much easier to get your hands on the e-mail addresses of your guests, but if you invite former employees to a company anniversary, there is often no way around a postal invitation.

    Dartscheibe mit einem gelben und einem roten Pfeil
  • 3. How much time is left until your event starts?

    Depending on how much time you have left until the event, the choice may be clear already. Creating and printing invitation cards and sending them by post can take a week or more. For short-term events, an invitation by e-mail is the logical choice.

    Uhr die Minuten und Sekunden Blätter hat
  • 4. What is the budget?

    The smaller the budget, the clearer the answer: The invitation needs to be by e-mail. Only in some cases it makes sense to invest more of your budget for printing invitation cards. In order to not miss out on the advantages of an invitation via mail, a combination of postal and digital invitation is possible. For example, save-the-date and reminder can be sent by e-mail, but the actual invitation can be sent by post, in order to combine the best of both worlds.

    Aufgeschlagenes Finanzheft mit Stift und Büroklammern daneben


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The question about the right shipping for your invitation is easily answered. It is clear, that an invitation by e-mail in most cases turns out to be better than by post: It is more cost-effective, offers uncomplicated and direct acceptance and rejection options and you can send reminders quickly and easily. In addition, all information and tickets relating to the event are available to guests in digital form at any time. If your target group is not exactly over 60, there is a lot to be said for sending e-mails. Especially in combination with tools such as Sweap, the invitation by e-mail offers the chance to simplify the invitation management massively - for your guests and yourself.

By Annina Boettcher

Freelance copywriter, concept developer & brand consultant for Berlin, Hamburg, Hanover, all of Germany and beyond.


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