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A glimpse into the future – improved webpage & email builder – whole new version coming next

Product Update

Managing an event often starts with setting up a registration page and an email to invite your potential attendees. The process is straightforward but can include dozens of iterations, small changes and edits.

At Sweap we know how valuable your time is so we strive tirelessly in building an event platform that helps you create events effortlessly by saving you time and resources so that you can focus on making every event a successful one. By now, we helped hundreds of clients create over 5000 thousand events with hundreds of thousands of people attending those events. Well, you can do the math, but that translates into one thing only - we know how to empower our customers to create events quickly and efficiently providing them with the right tools they need at every step of the event management process.

As with every software we need to stay up to date and improve on a daily basis so that we always provide solutions that work flawlessly and help our customers manage their events easily and without stress or technical setbacks. With that goal in mind, we are very happy to announce that we are currently in the process of changing the entire experience of how our clients can create emails and build event webpages.

Gradual progress: email and webpage builder updates

Our plan is to transition gradually to the brand-new email and website builder in the following months. Until then we are making some small but significant improvements into the current version. The updated website and email builder is just a small step toward what’s to come. The new interface changes are part of the main goal we are aiming at - namely making the event management process more efficient and straightforward using a tool that helps you optimise your work and can take some of the load off your shoulders.

Here’s a sneak peak of what to expect from our new website and email builder:

What’s currently new?

The biggest change is related to the way users navigate through the menu of the web and email builder providing them with a better overview of the changes they’ve made while editing their invitation email or webpage. Users can now see the menu bar on the left side making all editable sections more visible and accessible compared to the previously drop-down menu for navigating between sections in event web pages or emails.

In this way all the individual menu sections are displayed in one screen giving you instant access without having to scroll down endlessly, reducing the chance for making errors and saving you time.

We’ve also simplified the registration settings for event pages. Instead of having separate menu sections, hopping through different screens in order to change the settings of your event website registration form, set up guest limits, registration start and end time or set other publishing options, you can now see everything on one screen and adjust all at once.

What’s more, we’ve optimised the visualisation of the media uploading tool making it easier for users to preview the image file they’ve uploaded. The new thumbnail preview is added to all areas where you can insert a media file (a header image or a logo for example).

Once you upload your media file, you will be able to see a little preview circle so that if you have accidentally uploaded the wrong image, you can quickly fix it.

Who’s impacted?

All Sweap users will now be able to use the updated version of our website and email builder.

If you are new to the platform or need help, you check out our supporting links in the top-down right corner to quickly access our help center or start a tour of our platform.

We recommend that you also check out our help article to learn more about the new feature or directly access your account and try them out yourself.

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Article by Mia Vassiliou-Gioles
Working student at Sweap in marketing, specialising in social media. Currently studying sustainable management at the TU Berlin.