Rolls Royce is an automotive brand that speaks about luxury as an experience.

Even more so, the high-end experience of a luxury automobile requires personalized attention, preferably a one-on-one and on-site experience. This is something that has been inevitably affected by changing regulations.

As an official dealership and representative of the brand in Germany, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Munich had to keep up with the high number of regulations affecting their event programs while still be in touch with prospects and customers. 

Working with Sweap gave us time to focus on the impact of the event.

Benedict Heller
Marketing Manager

The Challenge

One of the goals for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Munich during the past years was to attract a younger audience and a customer group of contemporary automotive enthusiasts.

The Black Badge Ghost event program aims at appealing to a dynamic contemporary audience who are all inspired and driven by the exclusive and powerful performance of the Black Badge brand series of Rolls-Royce cars.

The dealership in Munich planned the first bigger event for the year to be the Black Badge Ghost one - so the stakes were high.

The main goal of the organizers was to be able to quickly respond to the changing regulations, have a better overview of their event attendees and make sure that their customers and prospects feel secure and safe.  

The Solution

Rolls-Royce Munich trusted the Event Efficiency Platform Sweap to help them plan and organize their first big event of the year.

They targeted the specific audience of dynamic and forward-thinking luxury car lovers and brand afficionados.

Rolls-Royce Munich set up their whole event with the Sweap platform. Having a dedicated sign-up and RSVP landing page as well as automated communication, Sweap helped Royce-Royce Munich build an immersive event communication.

This led to a faster guest management process, an organized event flow and helped them decrease the no-show rate - even during regulations in Germany.  

The Results

  • The Black Badge Ghost event resulted in significant amount of sign ups and had only 11% no-show rate.  

  • Thanks to the Event Efficiency Platform, the planning team was able to communicate easily with guests.

  • The team was able to follow up on the Black Badge Ghost event in a timely, automated and professional manner resulting in happy and informed event participants. 

  • The organizers of the event had more time to focus on the impact of the event: building relationships with their customers and prospects.  

  • Having a professional event management software for their events appealed to one of their target groups - a younger audience and contemporary auto enthusiasts. 

  • The team was able to manage different guest categories – partners, VIPs, current clients and prospects in a straightforward, automized and personalized way.  

The team was focused on the event impact - not only the planning and organizational part. They could easily manage guest lists within seconds or add guest manually from their smartphone.

The event platform allowed them easy access to guest data and better customer data orchestration – everyone from the team had access to the guestlist and was able to quickly communicate internally with the rest of the team.  

What they managed to achieve as a team and in their relationship with prospects and customers was bringing more trust and security to their own work.  

Working with Sweap gave us time to focus on the impact of the event. The guest management before an event is a very important thing for me. You have the CEOs, they want a special guest to have, the VIPs also, and you need to stay focused on that. In the back of my mind before we had access to Sweap I was always thinking are you sure you have all these people added, do you have everything, is it correct - now I have all that information accessible via my smartphone – I can easily check that information.

Working with an event efficiency platform gave us the opportunity to focus on the impact of the event instead of the preparation for the guests. It gives you more headspace to focus on results. You feel safer and up to date with the client management.

Benedict Heller,
Marketing Manager at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Munich

Article by Paulina Gueorguieva
Product Marketing @ Sweap