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The Company


Globally acclaimed.

Our Story

Founded back in 2016 (as MATE) by three aspiring tech and business enthusiasts in Berlin, Sweap has grown to a full-scale event software provider. What started as an app for guest list management in Berlin’s vivid nightlife, quickly became one of the most reliable solutions for global event professionals.

Events as the most 
impactful marketing channel.

Our Mission

We are a Berlin-based Tech Start-up with the mission to provide functional and innovative software solutions for organizations who want to make events an essential part of their marketing strategy. The future of business communication lies within events, and we want to give global event professionals & marketing specialists the right tools at hand to get the most out of their work.

We live and breathe 
event technology.

Our Vision

Our world is more connected than ever before, organized in digital communities created by people who won’t allow themselves to be boxed in. They no longer tolerate being told when, where, and with whom they interact or consume. They don’t seek experiences they can’t influence and shape. It’s time to create a business world where seeking growth is tied to delivering tangible, irresistible value year-round, based on the principles of giving first, the freedom of choice, and self-determination. Events are the perfect vehicle to address these needs. Let’s turn them into the most impactful growth asset.

Events have become more affordable, better measurable, and thus the most effective marketing instrument for responding appropriately to the changed buyer mindset.

Florian Kühne
CEO @ Sweap

The Team

The team to grow your event ROI.

We are Sweapsters. We don't strive for perfection, but we believe we can do better every day. Our goal is to create magic in a technologically shaped world. We want to make a difference. We believe in supporting people in doing what they love. For this, we try to create a work environment where people can grow, flourish and well…do what they love with passion and commitment.

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