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2023 Event Marketing Guide Part 3

Event marketing strategies you can't miss in 2023 and beyond.

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The Event Marketing Bible

Part 3: "Getting Event Marketing Right"

The pre-pandemic events marketing playbook is no longer fit for purpose. It is in dire need of a rewrite for the new world of events. Fortunately, that’s exactly why we’re here.

The following guide is broken up into “The Basics of Event Marketing” (Part 1), “Why Event Marketing is a Gamechanger” (Part 2) and “Getting Event Marketing Right” (Part 3) of events marketing. It lays out everything an event marketer needs to capitalise on the new tools, technology, and techniques that can create unforgettable events tailored to bespoke marketing goals.

What Will You Find in Part 3?

  • The 5 stages of event marketing

  • Setting the right event marketing goals

  • Creating event marketing plans

  • Post-event marketing strategies

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What Will You Find in Part 1?

  • What is event marketing?

  • The evolution of event marketing

  • The state of event marketing in 2023

  • The many forms of event marketing

  • Event (marketing) formats

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What Will You Find in Part 2?

  • How event marketing influences customer retention, product education & the industry

  • How event marketing builds relationships and networks

  • How event marketing generates leads, sales and brand awareness

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To save your time, we have devided this ressource in 3 parts, so you can choose what is relevant for yo. You are now on the page for Part 3 - Getting Event Marketing Right. In order to proceed to Part 1 - The Basics of Event Marketing click here: