Your Favorite Event Tools Integrate With Sweap

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Automation & Interface

Connect Sweap to over 5000 other services.

  • Another option to publish your events on your IHK website.
  • Zapier lets you connect Sweap to 5,000+ other web services. Automated connections called Zaps automate your day-to-day tasks and build workflows between apps.


Virtual Event Platform

Make your virtual event engaging an engaging experience.

  • Big Blue Button is a German open source solution for video conferencing that does not require a server installation. Moreover, it is not only DSGVO compliant, but also the winner of the DSGVO Conference Tools. It is hosted in Germany and can be easily integrated into Sweap's Virtual Event Platform.
  • click it helps companies and brands create creative user-generated content while interacting with their audience. This is done using digital interaction tools and mobile photo modules. With click it, the people behind the company established the mobile photo box as an cross-media marketing tool.
  • CometChat is great to stay in touch with your participants and get questions. To do this, you set up your chat and add it to the Sweap Virtual Event Platform. In the web app of CometChat you can make the settings for the chat and decide whether, for example, messages must first be released by you (in-flight messaging) or you want to use a video call function.
  • Contentflow perfects your live stream. You provide the equipment, knowledge and the team. With Contentflow you only need to take care of the content and they take care of the technical part. The cameras are set up in advance and the right angle is chosen. The stream itself can then be easily integrated into Sweap's Virtual Event Platform.
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    Fanomena Events is like a traditional goodie bag, just digital. That means Fanomena's digital goodie bag solution enables Partners and Sponsors to easily share personalized content with your audience.
  • Microsoft Teams combines chats, meetings, notes and attachments into one video conferencing platform. This allows people from different locations to come together, to share ideas and experiences. Through Sweap you can now easily use and customize teams for you even easier. You can quickly add your Teams link to Sweap and directly enable sessions in the Virtual Event Platform.
  • MootUp is a 3D virtual events and meeting solution for the metaverse.. MootUp enables organizations to create fully customized virtual worlds to host meetings & events, communities, and remote work in a truly immersive 3D environment. The virtual reality technology can be accessed across devices, without headsets or downloads, and offers an integrated partner ecosystem including Zoom, Hopin,Teams, Slack, and more.
  • is a software solution that allows your audience to interact live. It doesn't matter whether the event takes place digitally, in presence or hybrid. works via a QR code or shareable link, this allows you to collect reactions, create questions and polls or collect thoughts with a word cloud. Q&A's, applause or an election - with, all these formats are possible.
  • SaySom is a networking tool for online events. With Sweap, SaySom can easily be integrated into your virtual event. This makes it even easier for participants to get together and stay on your event page afterwards.
  • is a Q&A and polling tool that allows your participants to actively participate in your event, ask questions and vote. Together with Sweap's Virtual Event Platform, Slido enables your attendees to actively participate in your virtual event and be part of it.
  • TEDME is a tool that aims to increase interaction with your participants: Features include voting, elections, Q&A, chat, evaluations, feedback forms and knowledge games. In real-time for online, offline and hybrid events.
  • With Vimeo, you can upload and watch videos. However, Sweap makes the most out of the live stream feature. With the embed link, you can easily embed and start the live stream. Your participants do not need to have their own Vimeo account.
  • With Votr, you can conduct open and secret votes. This makes it particularly suitable for virtual meetings or events where decisions and votes are taken and are to be evaluated directly. It is also DSGVO compliant.
  • is an all-in-one social wall solution designed to help event planners increase real-time audience engagement, generate leads, and gather feedback across virtual, in-person, and hybrid events.
  • YouTube is a large video portal provider with the possibility of live streaming or publishing edited videos. Sweap lets you seamlessly insert your You Tube live stream into your planned virtual event. Simply embed your video link and enable your viewers to use all the other functions of your event in the Virtual Event Platform in parallel to the live stream.
  • Zoom enables video chats, conferencing, and virtual events at scale connecting people from across the world in an easy and simple way. Now through a seamless integration with Sweap you can quickly add your Zoom link to the Sweap platform and enable Zoom sessions directly within our Virtual Event Platform.