eBook & Template

The Event Attendee Journey

Make a real impact on your Event Attendee Journey:

1. A 35-page eBook with the most important information on the Event Attendee Journey
2. An interactive template that you can use for your own Event Attendee Journey

Event Attendee Journey

Make the Most Out of Your Attendee Touchpoints

Like the stoics of old, planning for the worst enables us to foresee weakness, then adapt to perform at our best. This is the core purpose of the Event Attendee Journey map. In this resource, we’ll explain the uses and benefits of Event Attendee Journey mapping, plot out the opportunities and challenges of the key touchpoints, and provide useful tips on customer segmentation. Plus, we’ve included a link to a freely downloadable event attendee journey cheat-sheet.

What Will You Find in the eBook?

  • The Importance of Event Attendee Journeys

  • Crucial Stages & Touchpoints

  • Challenges, Opportunities, and Expectations

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What Will You Find in the Template?

  • Interactive Spreadsheet to create your own Event Attendee Journey

  • Pre-filled suggestions you can use for your own event

  • Download and reuse for unlimited events

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