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Thanks to Sweap, our event management processes are much more effective.

Jan Pörksen
Managing Director, IHK Berlin

Event Management Software

Too Many Tasks, Not Enough Time

Running events is a stressful job. Repetitive tasks and a lack of data hold you back from a full focus on business results. Efficiency is your superpower and Sweap is here to unleash it.

Automate Your E-Mail Campaigns

Event Marketing

Easily create and customize your emails using attractive templates for every stage of your event planning. Bring your event to your guests’ calendars and wallets for a smooth check-in experience they’ll remember.

Convert Visitors Into Participants

Event Registration

Automate your guest registration with smart opt-in and cancel options that make it easy for guests to update their status and preferences. Build high converting registration and event websites. No coding skills required.

Save Time on Guest Management

Guest Management

Manage your guestlists with just a few clicks. Import and export your guestlists easily and integrate them with your CRM and tech stack. Organise your contacts using lists, groups and tags for a clean and smooth invitation and registration process.

Host All Your Virtual Events
Our Integration Platform

Our Virtual Event Platform is an intuitive all-purpose platform for virtual events. Easily integrate tools for live sessions, breakout sessions, interactive features, sponsors and all the info your guests need in a single interface.

virtual event platform sweap

Don't Keep Your Guests Waiting

On-Site Events

No queues, no waiting. Instantly check your guests in via Sweap app using digital wallet passes. Print name tags on the spot and keep track of every attendee in real time.

Ironclad Data Security

We are 100% GDPR compliant. Data protection is always a concern when it comes to guest data. Do you have strict internal data protection rules? We always strive for the highest level of data protection.

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