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These Events Will go Virtual in 2020

Case Studies From All Around the World

You have to cancel your event because of the current situation? You are not alone! From small to large, everyone is equally affected. But instead of sticking your head in the sand, stay flexible and get creative!

The trend is moving away from full event cancellation and more and more towards virtual solutions. While organizers need to use Streaming und online Konferenztool verwenden for the final execution, proven digital solutions, such as Sweap, are still indispensable for participant management.

List of events that want to avoid cancellation through virtual events

  • Microsoft Build

    Microsoft Build, the largest event by the software global player, was to be held in Seattle from 19th to 21st May. The event had to be cancelled and a virtual solution was found. "We look forward to bringing our community together in this new digital format to learn, connect and grow together," the organizers claimed. "Please look out for more information soon. Sign up to receive updates on our digital event."

  • Shopware Community Day 2020

    The German e-commerce event, which should have taken place in Duisburg on 28th May 2020, will be held virtually this year, according to Shopware CEO Stefan Hamann. The online replacement date for the Shopware Community Day has not yet been announced.

    "But we wouldn't be Shopware if we didn't have a solution for you!" – Now that's the right approach. Thanks Stefan!

  • Google Cloud Next

    Google Cloud's upcoming Next conference will be changed to a virtual format to limit travel during the global outbreak of the corona virus, the company told attendees on Monday.

    The solution: Google Cloud Next '20: Digital Connect is a virtual event that is free for all online attendees. Offered services include keynotes, breakout sessions and interactive learning opportunities.

    "Innovation is in Google's DNA and we're leveraging that strength to bring you an impressive and inspiring event this year with no travel risk," Google told registered attendees.

    The Google I/O 2020, on the other hand, was finally cancelled two weeks ago after numerous attempts to convert the event into a virtual format.

    Große bunt leuchtende Buchstaben des Wortes Google
  • United We Stream

    We found a very special example, directly from the German capital Berlin, known for its unique and innovative club scene. Due to the Covid-19 virus, events can no longer take place here and the 250 clubs and music venues are facing the biggest challenge in their history. To find support for the club operators and their 9000+ employees, the project "United We Stream" was created. Via various streaming services, live DJ sets are broadcast daily directly from the clubs or other special locations in the city. The musical line-up is very impressive and the project is finding huge support!

    All donations go into a pot, with which clubs in need under the Coronavirus quarantine can be supported.

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